In this video, I demonstrate how to use your SUP paddle on or in the water %100 to gain more stability in rough water, walking on the board, pivot turns and regular turns.

Try it out – standing on the center of your board, hold the blade out of the water and rock the board with both feet (pushing up and down on the rails).  Or place your paddle vertically on the centerline of your board, then rock your rails.

Now place the flat part of the blade (powerface or back) flat on the water at your side. Rock the board again – which is more stable – paddle in air or on centerline – or flat on the water?  Most find that the blade on the water acts like an outrigger.  I teach my beginners to stand up, then immediately place the paddle in the water, this really helps with their initial stability.

Tippy? Get that blade on the water.  Most humans stick the paddle in the air to gain balance usually resulting in falling off.  Stay low, slap the water or paddle for more stability.

Check it out…

In the extreme pivot turn clip, I use a Sculling Brace working the blade deep in the water back and fourth to maintain my stability.  I practice this move a lot for balance practice and it’s fun!  Be ready to fall in, good recovery practice too.  Note your board will launch, make sure no one is in front of you.  

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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