Got a car with this type of rack?  I’m a big fan of using what you have vs buying a whole separate rack system.
Here’s how to secure your board to the car:

Watch the video Here.
If you have a stock cross bar.
– Place the deck pad down on the cross bar (fin up).  If the pad doesn’t rest directly on the cross bar, pad the bar with insulation foam or soft surfboard pads.  
– Place the board in the center of the cross bars, so it sticks out evenly on both sides.
– Secure down with cam straps to the cross bars.  Make sure the straps are vertical in reaching the cross bar. This helps prevent sideways slippage.
– Do a shake and shove test to make sure the board won’t slip around while underway.  
If you don’t have a cross bar: 
– Place a yoga mat or other softener on the roof, remove the radio attennae. Yoga mats are sticky so are great for securing stuff down.  A friend uses a half inflated camping pad.
– Tie down using the side rails with rope or cam straps.  You may get a tempory dent in the roof.  
– Do a shake test before leaving – try to slide nose/tail back and fourth. You may get a temporary dent on the roof but it should recover.  
– If there is slippage consider tying down either the tail and/or nose to keep secure.  Attach to the leash plug or add at plug such as the NSI Spectral loop stick on to the nose (deck).  
Throwing Straps
You can damage your car by throwing straps with metal buckles to the other side.  Some straps have rubber covers over the buckles which dampen the landing.  Or throw the non buckle ends over instead. Watch for others standing on the other side too!  If windy, bunch the strap into a ball and throw it into the wind for better luck in getting it over.
These images are of a Subaru Forester (my loan car) with a yoga mat for protection.  

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