Ever had to help a capsized kayaker? One of the most effecient ways to do so is with a T-Rescue.

See it here:

– Ask the kayaker/swimmer to hold on to one end of your board.
– Put their paddle and yours across your lap or under you thigh to prevent from floating away.
– Grab the bow or front end of their boat and begin to pull it towards you and onto your board so that you can get a good grab hold of the boat. Their boat should be perpendicular to your board.
– Rotate / twist their boat upside down thus emptying all the water out. You may have to rotate it back and fourth a few times to get it all out.
– Place the boat carefully back in the water parallel ot your board while holding onto it’s deck lines. Don’t let go!
– Reach over one end of the cockpit of the boat with both hands (opposite side swimmer is on) holding on to the coaming.
– Ask the swimmer to follow their boat’s decklines to the cockpit on the side of the boat not next to your board.
– While still holding onto their cockpit coaming, ask they to climb in their boat. If they kick their feet while in the water, this will bring their body to the surface, thus making it easier to get in.
– Keep holding on to the boat until the kayaker is 100% in and has their sprayskirt attached.
– Ask about their condition. Are they warm or cold? Fatigued? Do they need extra clothes or need a tow back to shore? Throughout the rescue, ask about their condition to check in.
– Give their paddle back and shove off.

While this rescue sounds lengthly, it can go very quickly if practiced. Having both craft perpendicular makes you very stable even in big seas and breaking waves. If your legs are over your board make sure they boat isn’t banging into you if in bumpy water.

Need to tow the kayaker back? See my posting on Towing:

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