How to put a Single Fin in a SUP.  

-Flathead or Philips screwdriver (depends on your screw type)
-Stick or additional screwdriver to help fish out the metal plate if you drop it in the slot.

-Unscrew metal plate from fin.
-Slide down angled slot into fin box. Must lie flat once in. Fish out if it drops in incorrectly.
-Place the little nub sticking out of the fin in the wide hole of the fin box slot.  Make sure fin is sloping backwards towards tail of board.
-Slide fin to back of board in fin box slot.
-Place fin flat down in slot.
-Using screwdriver, slide flat plate in line with screw hole in fin.
-Attach fin screw through fin hole to connect with the metal plate.
-Make hand tight. Don’t over tighten it.
-Once secure – Do a shake test of fin to assure it’s secure.

-Fins usually don’t float.
-Buy extra fin screws and plates as they’re easy to lose.
-Have a headlamp available if you’re doing this at dusk.
-Use a quick release fin system to avoid this procedure. (QFR, Larry Allison, ImagineSurf)

For more info on fins and fin installation check out my book:
Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers by Mountaineers Books.

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