While at my local SUP shop a few weeks ago, a guy came in looking for a leash string.  He didn’t know that it’s not really a product but rather any strong string you can find to install in around your leash plug, in the video below I’m using parachute cord.
I go to a marine supply store to get extra strong strings but I’ve seen friends use shoe laces and plastic zip ties. One student even used in a remote area, a Bald Eagle feather (the long hard part) which lasted for a month.  Bungy can be used if there’s nothing else available.Tip: Carry extra sting on you as it can wear down in saltwater and from use. Also a good idea to give extra string to your buddy (or studets) who forgot his/hers.

2 Methods:

Finger Method –

  • Find strong string that will tuck under the leash plug pin.
  • Cut to desirable length to be able to tie properly.  Overall length once tied should be 3-4″.
  • Tuck one end of the string under the leash plug pin (metal or plastic pin) and pull out the other side.
  • Match the two string ends to each other and tie an over head loop knot (see both videos). Tighten.



Stick Push Method:

Tie the knot before you stick the string in the leash plug.  Push the non knot end under the leash plug pin the send through itself to tighten.  See this video for a better description.

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