As the sport of SUP grows, more folks are wanting to explore on long day trips, simple overnights and in come case on long expeditions. These three Gear Tie-Downs for SUPs will help you carry your gear easier.

Most SUPs come with no way to tie or secure any gear to your board. Some have deck leash plugs on the nose and a few have waterproof hatches to put gear inside.

Here’s 5 few options for solving the problem of where to put your gear..

Leash Plugs – Most secure

Leash plugs are glassed in to your board thus are the most secure. Even with rope or bungie tied to the plugs, the plugs more comfortable if you stand on them. The only issue is that thicker rope or bungie may not slide under the metal bars of the plug. Leash plugs can be glassed into your deck.

Other Options –

EZ Plugs – these plastic plugs stick to your board but much like leash plugs, have a limited space rope or bungie can go through. I’ve had issues with the plugs staying on the board, so instead used epoxy to attach them. Not recommended for soft tops.

NSI Plugs – NSI has tons of great innovative products such as their Deck Mount Attachment System. I now use these exclusively. The stickiness of these is very good. I have been using one as a leash plug for a homemade SUP – so far in a few downwinders, the plug hasn’t come off. The rope loop allows for any size rope or bungie to pass through.

Raft Plugs – These are great as well as the surface material is large and thus sticks well to your board. These are also great for inflatable SUPs.

Rope or Bungie?

Both work fine but bungie stretches and your load can shift in wind or waves throwing off your balance. Narrow width cam straps are also a great choice as they can be cinched down and the toughness of the straps is more reliable from breakage than most rope or bungie.

I’d recommend stringing a border of rope around all points of your tie-downs so you can secure additional rope, bungie or cam straps to it.


Expedition Photo by http://mountainsurfadventures.com

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