Running a busy mobile SUP lesson and tour business, sometimes I forget the little things such as fin screws.  Or since I teach my students to put their own fins in, sometimes given then fickle procedure of putting fin screws in – the hardware slips off the board and gets lots in the sand.  Ever notice how sand is the same color of fin screws?

If you lose or forget your fin screws and providing I remembered to bring along some tape, we’re good to go!  My ding repair tape is Foil Tape. Find this stuff in the plumbing or insulation aisle at the hardware store.  The best kind has a paper backing that peels off.  This stuff is super sticky and will attach to you board even when sandy and wet.  I carry a small strip of it in my PFD, or deck bag or a larger amount in the car.  Here in the Pacific NW the UV quick cure ding repair epoxy kits don’t work too hot, so i’m more of a tape guy, thus it’s great for ding repair too.

Taping a fin in requries a few pieces to make sure it’s secure and doesn’t rattle.  I run two long strips down the length of the fin base and one each over each end.  Sometimes I add a second layer over each to strengthen the bond.  Downside of foil tape? Sometimes its incredibly hard to remove.  Ask my ding repair guy Sean who has to get the stuff off to make a proper repair.

Wanna avoid this issue?  Get quick release fins.  Larry Allison, ImagineSurf and QR Fins are good solutions to having to carry, find and attach those annoying fin screws.

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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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