SUP Flip Rescue for Unconscious Paddlers & Swimmers

As a paddler you should learn the Flip Rescue to help anyone out of the water from paddle boarders and kayakers to swimmers.  

If you come across someone who is unconscious and needs pulled out of the and either taken to shore or needs CPR add this to the regular flip rescue…’

  • The rescue should be facing away from the rescue board.
  • Place a nylon strap like a car rack strap or your leash under their arms and across their chest. A loop is best.
  • Stand on the board with your heels over the opposite rail, holding the other end of the loop, fall backwards into the water.
  • To do CPR on a board, ideally ‘raft up’ 2-4 boards overlapping each to create a solid surface to support chest compressions.
  • While all this is going on, call 911 on your tethered phone or Channel 16 (Mayday) on your tethered handheld VHF radio.

Photo shows rescurer with strap under arms of rescuee.  Rescuee facing away.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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