Many of my students are liking our inflatable SUPS thus are now purchasing their own.  A few have bought products we don’t have and found out after the purchase that they are limited one type of fin or are lacking something else.

Here’s a few things to look in regards to fins for in buying an Inflatable SUP

Many inflatables don’t allow you to use fins from other companies as their fins are molded on the board or have specific removable fins (black plastic with removable tab to lock in fin). One of my students purchased a Red Company board that allowed him to replace the fin but the fin box is so short that he’s limited to a specific type or length of fin.

Personally, I prefer to remove my fin for easier storing and like to be able to choose the type of fin I want for various types of paddling.

Removable Fin Issues:
Some long board fin boxes are too loose to tight for removable fins. I’ve experienced both.  In once case the fin box is too wide thus won’t take any quick release attachments, only the fin screw and plate.  In another the box is too narrow thus won’t take a standard fin as well. Sometimes you can deflate the board a bit, put the fin in, then inflate to full PSI again.

Some fin box types: 

This your standard fin box with a removable fin.

Plastic fin with tab to hold it in place

Fin molded into the board (or glued)

Funky fin attachment

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