Just in case this happens to you..
This was a weird one..  was getting ready to go surfing and as I bit into a chewy ShotBlock energy candy thing, I felt a hard object in my mouth. First I was thinking there was something hard in the candy, but realized later it was probably a filling.  I fished it out then realized I had a problem. My ride has just dropped me off and here I was at a remote put-in for a river and surf break and no pockets, PFD or waist pouch to put this thing in.  I figured my wetsuit had a key pocket but didn’t know where and rolling up my sleeves didn’t reveal anything. I didn’t have a key on me since I was paddling back to our beach house.

After a bit of thought, I first tried to put it in my glove, but realized the sharp edges may cut me and I have a few holes in the fingers.  Then figured I could put it in my bootie, but it could slip down below my feet and again the sharp edge would be a problem.  So my final solution was to stuff it in the ShotBlock package, roll it up then stick it in my bootie. That worked but could still feel the edge on occasion during my surf session.

Unfortantly am spending half my Monday at the dentist..

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