Learn how and where to downwind in the Pacific Northwest. You'll learn how to forecast wind, how to catch waves easily, read bumps and how to stay off the evening news by using risk management skills so you have more fun.

Schedule: When the wind blows. Contact me for your preferred open dates and we'll try to plan for windy days. If you haven't worked with us before we may ask that you take a non-wind clinic with us to confirm that your skills are appropriate for high wind conditions. We'll get you up to speed in the clinic as well.

Location: Seattle classes will be held on Puget Sound. We will be offering a few classes in Hood River Summer 2018 before the Gorge Challenge and Downwind Championships.

Who Should Sign Up: You should have Level 2 or more skills, can swim (basics), be comfortable with falling and getting back on, be able to handle light wind and chop. Contact us for a SUP Basics 1 or 2 class if you don't think you have these skills or would like to improve your basic skills.

Our Equipment: Included in class cost, we provide pro quality downwind boards such as the Imagine Connector, Splinter SUP 14' and 16' and two locally made Echo Composites custom designed unlimited boards, a 17' and a 18'. We use Accent and Werner paddles, coiled leashes with spectral loop strings, MTI vest style lifejackets, can provide high vis clothing and toasty 4/3mm and 5/4mm wetsuits. For really big conditions we can provide Gath surf helmets.

Skills you'll Learn: (Classes can be customized to your needs)

  • Wind forecasting tools and techniques so you get more downwind days
  • Stroke analysis for your forward stroke so you get more glides
  • Directional control such as nose rudders, the dufek, and tail rudder
  • Footwork to adjust trim which means longer glides, less work
  • Rescues & Safety - Learn how to rescue yourself and others in high wind
  • Downwind Gear - boards, double leashing, visibility, clothing and communication.
  • How to choose where to go, planning put-ins and take-out, shuttles and backup plans
  • Get solid skills for rough water and high wind so you can have more fun



    Cost includes use of all gear: stable board, paddle, leash, PFD, wetsuit and booties.

    Group Class: 199 per person. (3-6 people)
    2 Person Semi Private Class: 299 per person.
    1 person (1-1) Class: 399 per person.

    After Class Benefits: Receive a summary of strokes covered and tips of skills to work on. Optional video or stills of your experience. Help with purchasing gear.

    Alumni Discount: $49 off for returning students.