Deception Pass SUP Class

Deception Pass SUP Class / Lesson

Learn the basics of river SUP and paddling tidal rapids in this Deception Pass SUP class. Saltwater tidal rapids will prepare you for paddling in rivers, surfing tidal rapids, touring the Salish Sea and downwinding. You’ll also get essential skills for exploring Salish Sea and the San Juan Islands.

For many, Deception Pass looks scary and untouchable. I will share with you how to read the water, understand the currents and know when to be in the Pass for the best paddling and surfing.  Experienced paddlers paddle the Pass to simulate open ocean conditions to train for channel crossing races and downdwinding in Hood River.

You’ll paddle with harbor seals, see bald eagles, possible orca sightings and enjoy majestic views of the San Juan Islands, Olympic Peninsula and on a clear day, Victoria BC.

This is a unique experience not offered by any other SUP business in the region.  My patient certified coaches will lead you or your group through the Pass with your safety, skill level and interests in mind.  We use quality gear and follow strict safety protocols for you will be safe and come aways with the most memorable experience possible.

This is a private class experience as a 1-1 or two people.  Your experience can be customized to you skill level and goals.


Core Skills You’ll Gain

  • Learn River SUP techniques paddling with eddies, moving current and river like hydraulics
  • Learn to paddle with control and confidence in swift tidal current and rough water
  • Paddling the Pass will help you have the skills to plan trips on Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and beyond
  • You’ll learn how to ‘ferry’ across swift current to safely and quickly cross rivers of current
  • Learn how to paddle over boils, mild whirlpools, upwellings and through kelp beds
  • If conditions are right, we’ll surf standing waves in the Pass!
  • Learn how to surf boat wakes in he Pass which is another fun paddling option there!
  • I’ll help you choose the best best gear for river paddling so you stay warm and comfortable

Student Benefits..

  • Instructor Follow-up After Class – We’ll available after class to help you learn how to paddle in the Pass on your own and help with gear selection and more.
  • You’ll able to join our Facebook Alumni Group to continue learning and for connecting with other paddlers.
  • Receive a Salmon Bay Paddle sticker!


  • Private lessons only –  including weekdays. Contact me to discuss your schedule.
  • Duration: 4 hrs. We’ll take breaks on beautiful protected pocket beaches.
  • Skill Level: **Must be a solid Intermediate level and be comfortable paddling in rough water, boat and wind waves, can swim and know how get back on a board.
  • Bringing Your Own Gear? No slim race boards! Recommend 27″ and wider.
  • I require a Vest PFD, helmet and full wet or drysuit. Booties and gloves recommended for walking on rocky beaches.
  • Gratuities Welcome / Rates are Non-negotiable


2 Person Class: 469 per person

1-1: 723 – Receive personalized training from a patient coach with a strong focus on safety.

+ Rental gear available for no cost or OK to bring your own gear.  

Contact me to discuss your goals, schedule and booking info.

“Rob and Harry are outstanding SUP instructors. They know the paddle board industry and are willing to share there knowledge to make you better. Rob excels in the technical areas and his teaching provides insight in helping you increase your skills. I have taken the instructor training and the Deception Pass’s tidal rapids class and both experiences were outstanding. The classes were held in epic places in the PNW. Salmon Bay Paddle will make you a better paddler and you will have a good time doing it!!”

John G

“I found my way to Rob Casey in a roundabout way and I am so happy that I ended up taking his SUP 1 class that then lead me to his Deception Pass class. The DP class is an amazing experience and so far rates #1 in my outdoor water experience.

The feeling of learning how to navigate the rapids and surf the confluence felt like something I had never felt before. Rob and his partner Scott made our experience extra safe, fun, and joyful.

At the end of the class, all 4 of us were safely on our own surfing like old friends. Rob takes many steps to ensure paddle safety and he is an excellent guide with language that sticks in my brain. I can hear him telling me to lean into the current, paddle, paddle, paddle, get on your board after falling in, and always wear a PFD.

I now have the confidence to travel to DP without Rob and have a great time and know I will paddle back to my car happy and in one piece. Life is good with safety knowledge and skills. I cannot thank Rob enough. Take this class, you will not regret it. Safety and knowledge are priceless along one’s SUP learning trajectory and one’s paddle future.”

Rachel O