I teach 3 different ways to get on a SUP after falling off.  Most common is getting on at the middle, less common is at the last third of the board adjacent to the tail, then at the tail, which we call the Cowboy Rescue.

The term Cowboy or Cowgirl if that sounds better for you, came from kayaking in getting on the boat at end ends, like jumping on top the rear of a horse.

– Easy way to get on the board if the board is too wide or thick in the middle.

– May not work for thick inflatables 6″ to 8″ which may also curve up at the tail.
– You may have to let go of the paddle to get on (by placing in front of you on board)
– If the board has a wide tail, it may not work.

How it works…
– Move to the back of the board, so you are facing the tail.

– Grab both ends of the board with your hands.  Waxing the rails makes it easier to grab.

– Place the paddle across the deck in front you or hold on with one hand while placing it partially over the deck. Sometimes the paddle may bounce around and may fall off the board.

– Start kicking your feet to create white water behind you. This raises your body to the surface thus making it easier to pull yourself on the board.  Not doing this means having to lift you body on with your arms only.

– Continue pulling yourself on the board until you reach the middle.

Watch it here:
Can’t see it? Click Here.

Other Ways to Get on your Board Stirrup Rescue
Video of Stirrup Rescue – Using a looped rope to get on the tail (using a step up)

Tip:  Got a thick rail or inflatable too thick to climb on the tail?  Try my stirrup rescue. Read more here.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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