Covid-19 & Salmon Bay Paddle

2020 Covid Update – PLEASE READ..

SBP is open to individual and small groups in Phase 2Local classes and tours only, including Deception Pass.

Privates Classes and Tours for all classes and tours except:

Deception Pass Tidal Rapids Training, PSUPA Instructor Training and Alumni Socially Distanced Paddles.

*Hobuck Surf Camp not available until the Makah Indian Reservation opens – probably not this year.

Race Update: 

Makah Coast Race cancelled (Makah Reservation Closed).

DP Challenge – Cancelled 12/20. We’ll try again for 2021.

Paddling is a naturally distanced activity and a great opportunity for folks to get much needed exercise and fresh air.

Being Safe – My gear is always cleaned. We will maintain a 6′ distance on land and water, masks required on land but not on-water.


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My online SUP courses..

Freighter Surfing Manual - Puget Sound Surfing

Learn where and when to surf not only freighters but also tugs, ferries and tidal rapids on Puget Sound.

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SUP 101

A comprehensive introduction to SUP gear, basic paddling techniques and water safety. 

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Paddle straighter, learn the pivot turn, rough water skills and more. 

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All Levels
Learn several methods for getting on a SUP, paddle board rescues, water safety and more.

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Introduction to SUP Paddles

A Comprehensive Introduction to SUP Paddles

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Marine Navigation Webinar

All Levels
Learn Marine Navigation from expert sailor and paddler, Skyler Palmer.

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