Paddle, Surf and Discovery Camp

Paddle, Surf and Discovery Camp

Learn to Paddle Board, explore local waterways, maritime history and beach ecology

Join Salmon Bay Paddle for this fun Paddle Surf and Discovery Camp and experience how stewardship, science and community intersect with this fun on-water activity.  Founder Rob Casey is known for pioneering stand up padding and freighter wave surfing on Puget Sound.

But it’s not just about getting your feet wet. Come learn to how to ensure are waterways are safe and healthy for generations to come.

SUP and Surf Camps for Kids in Seattle!

Salmon Bay Paddle is very focused on safety. We require students to wear a vest life jacket and use a leash.  We provide 4/3mm full wetsuits and related paddling clothing and gear from brands like Blackfish Paddles, Vaikobi, NRS, RipCurl, O’Neill and others.  All our gear will be cleaned after each session.

Camps are available all year. In the Fall camps are held after school.  In Winter, weekends only.

Custom designed Paddle Surf and Discovery Camps also available for your family, friends, organization or school. We recently worked with the Bush School for a 2 week camp.


Wednesdays 4 – 6pm at the Ballard Elks in Ballard 

Sept 29 Oct 6, 23, 20 (7 spots left)

Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17  (*due to loss of light 4th session could move to a weekend date)


Core Camp Skills

  • Stand up with confidence on a stable board for your height and weight.
  • You’ll learn easy turns as well as how to go sideways and backwards
  • Find out how to get a powerful yet simple forward stroke requiring minimal effort
  • I’ll teach you how to paddle straight to save energy and go faster
  • Get bomber stability skills to stay standing in rough water and boat wakes
  • Falling is normal. Learning how to fall and get back on could save your life
  • You’ll learn how to install a fin and leash so you can set up your own board
  • Learn to read water so you get there easier with less effort
  • SUP isn’t all about standing. Learn to sit, kneel and paddle prone (on chest), essential for upwind.
  • Find out how to use efficient strokes using finesse to prevent shoulder injuries
  • Learn how to paddle over boat wakes and in wind so you have more fun
  • We’ll discuss paddling equipment and clothing options for all seasons
  • Learn the flip rescue to help another paddler get back on their board


Sample Curriculum

4 – 6 pm at the Ballard Elks Lodge. This after school camp will introduce kids to paddling and/or build skills if they already have experience.

  • Learn to walk the board and spin 360’s
  • Paddling straight with a faster forward stroke
  • Surf small boat wakes and in wind if available.
  • How to paddle in wind and waves.
  • Learn SUP safety and rescues

Class Curriculum

  • Session 1 – SUP gear anatomy, paddling clothing, sitting, kneeling, prone and standing up, the forward stroke
  • Session 2 – Directional control – Walking the board, the pivot and cross bow turns. Turn 360s!
  • Session 3 – Putting it all together – Paddling straight, start surfing boat wakes
  • Session 4 – Paddling adventure to West Point Lighthouse or surf boat or wind waves if available


 Student Benefits:

  • SBP Follow-up – We’ll send you a summary of skills students learned as well as our favorite marine weather and tides apps.
  • Receive access to our SUP 101 and SUP Rescues Online Courses to review skills learned and class and many more techniques!
  • SBP owner Rob Casey is always available to help you find paddling gear, find places to paddle and help you get to your next level.
  • Get a 20% discount from Mountaineers Books for any title. Or get Rob’s books: ‘Kayaking Puget Sound‘ and ‘Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers.’
  • Receive a Salmon Bay Paddle sticker!



Wednesdays 4 – 6pm at the Ballard Elks in Ballard (8 spots left)

Sept 29 Oct 6, 23, 20 (7 spots left)

Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17  (*due to loss of light 4th session could move to a weekend date)

We paddle all year!  Private Camps always welcome! Get in touch to discuss.

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:4 / 2:8

Camp Ages: 9 – 13

Requirements: Must speak and understand English.  And Know how to Swim (the basics)

Recommended Bringing Your Own Gear: If your child has their own gear, we recommend bringing it to learn how to use it better.

Covid-19: We’ll practice current WA State Phase guidelines maintaining a safe learning environment. All instructors are vaccinated.


$897 per person

+ Daily Rental equipment available:

$15 each per day stable board, leash, paddle and life jacket.

$15 each per day wetsuit, booties, gloves, hood.

Bringing your own gear? We recommend stable hard or inflatable paddle boards, kids paddle, leash, toasty wetsuit if needed (4/3mm), booties, gloves, hoods and vest life jacket which will be worn.

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“Scott & Harry were SO(!!) patient and kind while also imparting knowledge and skills. Although Eli’s favorite part seemed to be his general silliness on the water— he’s mentioned more than once information about tides and true/magnetic north!”
- Tanya

I took the SUP 2 basics class with Rob and I’m certainly glad I did. Rob has significant experience paddling our local waterways so I also learned about wind, tides/currents, etiquette, gear/apparel, motor boat behavior, and safety. Rob’s style is friendly but serious, patient, and fun. In addition to SUP 2 basics, Rob even included some freighter wave surfing! I recommend taking this course whether you’re new to paddling like me or already great at it, you’ll definitely expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence.
Andy Delano

I conquered several fears paddling in currents and surfing waves and owe it to Rob, where safety and professional instructions are Salmon Bay Paddle’s top priorities!

- Margrit Ralph

I’ve been paddling on flat water for about a year and thought I was pretty good.  Then Rob patiently explained how to make my paddling more efficient, how to deal with swells and choppy water and how to be more comfortable and safe on the board.  In one hour, I became a much better paddler.  If SUP is new to you or if you’ve been at it for a while, Rob will help you have more fun on a paddle board.

- Karsten Hagen, Bend

“I wanted to pull two visiting teenage girls out of their comfort zone of shopping, make-up and Netflix. Having personally taken lessons with Rob a couple years ago, I contacted him to see if we could arrange something. Instructor Joe McColskey, a former high school teacher and personal trainer was up to the challenge. The girls really enjoyed their SUP Basics session.”

- Lynn P

“Rob is a fantastic stand up paddle board instructor. His knowledge of the sport and the local waters is remarkable. I’ve been out for a couple of lessons with him now and I’ve learned a lot and become a better paddler each time. I especially appreciate his commitment to safety and doing things the right way. He’s also just a good dude and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in SUP.”

- Shanon Dell, Sequim

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