Kayak Downwinding

Covid-19 Update:  SBP is open to individual and small groups to 4 people. We’ll maintain a 6′ distance on shore and on-water, required mask use on shore if not vaccinated. All gear is always cleaned. 

Kayak downwinding allows you to surf anywhere as long as there’s wind. You can downwind on lakes, rivers, saltwater and tidal rapids. Locally, Seattle’s Shilshole Bay is super fun with several options for different wind directions all year.

We also work with coaches in world class downwind runs in Hood River and Maui to train PNW paddlers for their conditions.

In this class you’ll learn how to determine where and when to go, which gear to use and how to not only go downwind but also up wind, and side wind – all essential for a successful and safe downwinding. You’ll also lean how to stay off the news.

Downwinding is also great exercise and will prepare you for coastal surfing. It will also essential for kayak touring so you can paddle further easier and in open water with more confidence.

What is kayak downwinding?

Kayak downwinding means surfing wind waves in the direction of the wind. The longer the wind blows, the bigger the waves get whether on a lake, slow river or saltwater.  Mix in currents and coastal swell for even larger or more defined waves.  Surf coastal sized waves in Seattle in specific conditions!  Kayak downwinding is available all year but is more epic Fall – Spring.


Core Skills You’ll Get:

  • Where and when to downwind surf in Western Washington from salt to freshwater
  • Best techniques for catching downwind waves so you get more rides easier
  • Which gear is best for downwind surfing
  • Rough water boat handling techniques so you stay stable
  • How to paddle up wind, in quartering seas and in side or beam winds
  • Water safety and open water rescues in high winds
  • Directional control in high wind and waves.

Kayak Downwinding Class Details:

Covid-19 Update:  SBP is open to individual and small groups to 4 people. All gear is cleaned. We’ll use masks and distancing on shore.

Schedule:  Available all year. Schedule for when the wind blows and per your schedule. Contact me to discuss

Duration: 3 Hours.

Class Size: 1 – 4 People

Location: Shilshole Bay, Seattle (or Lake WA). Custom locations ok. Travel fees for outside greater Seattle.


Private or Public Group Classes (3-4 Students): 169 per person

2 Person Rate: 239 per person

Individual Rate (1-1): 399

We recommend wetsuits and booties even in Summer as the Sound doesn’t really warm up.  Our suits are toasty warm, flexible and comfortable. 

+ Add Rental Gear:

  • Stable Sea kayak, paddle, pump, paddle float, spray skirt, PFD (life vest) –  ($20 per person)
  • Full 4/3mm or 5/4mm wetsuit, booties, hood, gloves – ($15 per person)

SBP Alumni: $10 off per person / Rates are non-negotiable / Gratuities are welcome!

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Kayak Downwinding Skill Prerequisites: Intermediate to Advanced

Intermediate to advanced paddlers who are comfortable paddling on open water with either a good roll and/or solid self-rescue skills. You should have experience in rough water, have good boat handling skills and can swim (the basics).

Also open to surf skis.

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