Intro to Greenland Kayaking

Covid-19 Update: Paddling is a naturally distanced activity. We’ll maintain a 6′ distance on shore and on-water, recommended mask use on shore, no mask on-water. All gear is always cleaned. ​

Intro to Greenland Kayaking will give you a foundation for learning how to hold it, the stroke, bracing, self-rescue and choosing a ‘stick.’​

Who would use a “stick” to paddle a kayak?

The Greenland paddle was used by the Inuit paddlers of Greenland, predating the European style blade by thousands of years. There’s a reason for its design.The paddle’s evolution was heavily influenced by the need for stealth and speed required for hunting.

For the modern sea kayaker, the ‘stick’ provides power and efficiency combined with less strain and improved maneuverability and recovery options.

Intro to Greenland Kayaking is geared to advanced beginners and up with good working knowledge of strokes, braces, and rescues wanting to improve their efficiency using a Greenland Paddle or learn more about them.

Your Coach – Robert Nissenbaum

An adventure seeker, Robert has paddled much of the Puget Sound, kayaking and camping year-round, navigating tidal currents, wind, rough water, and large, open-water crossings. He is an ACA certified instructor, member of Washington Kayak Club, and instructor with the North Sound Sea Kayaking Association. When not on the water, he’s looking out to it, writing from his home off Poverty Bay in Des Moines, WA.

Core Skills You’ll Gain

  • We’ll look at the advantages (and myths) of using a Greenland paddle over a Euro blade.
  • You’ll be introduced to efficiently using a Greenland paddle from how to hold it to stroke, bracing, and rescue techniques.
  • You’ll learn how to choose the right Greenland paddle.


Group Class (3-4 Students): 133 per person

2 Person Rate: 159 per person

Individual Rate (1-1): 273

*You should have your own boat for this class.

ADD RENTAL GEAR:  $20 Greenland paddle, 4/3mm wetsuit, hood, booties & gloves.

SBP Alumni: $10 off per person.

Contact me to book a class.

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