Deception Pass Challenge Training

Deception Pass Challenge Training will show you smart strategies and skills for rocking this epic PNW winter favorite premiere event on December 11th, 2021!

The Deception Pass Challenge is a technical race in tidal current and tidal rapids involving rounding islands, avoiding rocks, whirlpools, boils, boat wakes, reef and kelp and there’s a possibility of negotiating tidal waves along the route!

I go over every section of the course discussing best routes, acing the ‘Crux’, hazards and how to out smart the competition or achieve your personal goals. And we’ll run the course simulating race day conditions!

Also get our Deception Pass Challenge Online Training Guide (Value $87) which follows each section of the race course in detail providing tips for success for the race!

You’ll paddle with harbor seals, see bald eagles, possible orca sightings and enjoy majestic views of the San Juan Islands, Olympic Peninsula and on a clear day, Victoria BC.

Available as an in-person and on-water class (4 hours) or on Zoom. 

Register for the Race Here!

Core Skills You’ll Gain

  • How to forecast marine weather, tides, and currents so you fully understand how the Pass works
  • Learn how to paddle over eddy lines, deal with boils and whirlpools and other Pass water features
  • Find out how to read water so you can make smart route planning decisions
  • Learn of alternative routes to avoid wind and current to out smart your competition
  • Find out about best gear for the race whether clothing or paddling equipment
  • We’ll discuss race hazards such as kelp and rocks and best ways to avoid each
  • We’ll run the course matching the race start time and currents so simulate race day conditions


Oct 29, Nov 14th (Run the Course).  Private Classes available anytime

DURATION: 1/2 day (4 hrs).

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  Sea kayaks 13′ and over, SUPs 12′-6″ and over, prone and outriggers. Must have solid paddling skills in rough water, can self-rescue and paddle up to 6 miles mostly without stopping.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate and Advanced. Must know how to swim and be comfortable paddling in rough water, boat and/or wind waves and know how to wet exit and self-rescue.  Kayaking Level 2 and SUP Basics 2 are required if you’re unsure of your abilities.

Bringing Your Own Gear? You’ll need a sea kayak with bulkheads. I require a vest PFD, leash, helmet and full 5/4mm wet or drysuit. Booties and gloves recommended for walking on rocky beaches. Rentals Available.



Group Class 3 – 6 students – 349 per person

2 Person Private Class: 459 per person

1-1: 729 Get personalized training from a patient expert coach with a strong focus on safety.

Gear Rentals Available: $20 per person – Stable Sea kayak, paddle, PFD (life vest) / $15 per person – full 4/3mm or 5/4mm wetsuit, spray skirt, booties, hood, gloves, pump, paddle float

Rates are non-negotiable / Gratuities are welcome!

Contact us for More Info

Covid-19: SBP is open to individual and small groups to Deception Pass (6p max) people. Paddling is a naturally distanced activity. We’ll maintain a 6′ distance on shore and on-water, recommended mask use on shore. All gear is always cleaned. Instructors are vaccinated. 


“Paddled Deception Pass with Rob as my patient, professional guide – excellent experience! I was terrified and almost decided not to go at the last minute, and Rob calmly explained the plan, assured me my skills were solid (I took 2 classes from him in preparation over a few weeks) and got me back in the right frame of mind.

It was a beautiful paddle, challenging at times in a good way, and we got to see seals, barnacles, a short tour through the sea caves as a bonus, and received excellent instruction from Rob from start to finish. I’m forever grateful and pleased with all my classes and the DP paddle as well.

I love that he’s so into safety, customized teaching at your pace (meeting where you’re at in your skills and able to push you further without overwhelming you), and he’s just a pleasant person overall. I recommend this to anyone interested in SUP, learning new things, and adventure!”

- Mary P


“Rob and Harry are outstanding instructors. They know the industry and are willing to share their knowledge to make you better. Rob excels in the technical areas and his teaching provides insight in helping you increase your skills. I have taken the instructor training and the Deception Pass’s tidal rapids class and both experiences were outstanding. The classes were held in epic places in the PNW. Salmon Bay Paddle will make you a better paddler and you will have a good time doing it!”

- John G

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