Learn downwinding on Shilshole Bay in Seattle. We’ll cover where to downwind in the Pacific Northwest. wind forecasts, catching waves with less effort, safety, reading water and how to stay off the evening news by making smart decisions.

Seattle area downwinding is quite good all yea with a lot of options for different wind directions. This class is a prerequisite for downwinding in world class locations like Maliko and Hood River.  Learn the basics here to be more comfortable elsewhere. 


Core Skills You’ll Gain
(Classes can be customized to your needs)

  • Wind forecasting tools and techniques so you get more downwind days
  • Stroke analysis for your forward stroke so you get more glides
  • Directional control such as nose rudders, the dufek, and tail rudder
  • Footwork to adjust trim which means longer glides, less work
  • Rescues & Safety – Learn how to rescue yourself and others in high wind
  • Downwind Gear – boards, double leashing, visibility, clothing and communication.
  • How to choose where to go, planning put-ins and take-out, shuttles and backup plans
  • Get solid skills for rough water and high wind so you can have more fun
  • Going to Maui to downwind Maliko? I can help provide basic starter info for this run.
  • Downwinding common sense keeps you off the news.  

Skill Prerequisites: Intermediate to Advanced

You are comfortable standing on a board in small boat and wind waves, know how to paddle straight, have directional control, and can fall off and get back on your board.  You should be able to paddle 4 miles without any issues.  Contact me for a SUP Basics 1 or 2 class if you don’t think you have these skills or would like to improve your basic skills.

Lesson Details:

Schedule: When the wind blows. Wind isn’t consistent in Seattle so we have to set a date that works for you with an upcoming windy forecast. Contact me for your preferred open dates and we’ll try to plan for windy days.

Skill Level: Should be Intermediate +, comfortable in bumps, can swim and be in good physical shape.  

Location: Seattle lessons will be held on Puget Sound unless otherwise requested.

Rental Gear: Stable 14′ and unlimited boards, paddle, coiled leash, vest PFD, wetsuit, booties, VHF radio, optional helmet


Group Rate: (3 – 4 students) 133 per person with rentals / 110 per person with your gear.

2 Person Rate: 173 with rentals / 149 with your gear

Individual Rate (1-1): 279 with rentals / 249 with your own gear.

After Class Review: Receive a summary of strokes covered and tips of skills to work on. Optional video or stills of your experience. Help with purchasing gear.

Alumni Discount: $25 off for returning students.

Traveling to Hawaii or Hood River? Contact Jeremy Riggs, Suzie Cooney or Jaecey Suda of More Water Time, for a Maliko run class. For Hood River, contact Joel Yang at Stoke On the Water.  And Rob Stehlik on Oahu at Blue Planet Surf.

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