What to Bring to Class

PLEASE NOTE: Many of my launch locations do not have places to change in and/or do not have restrooms, such as the Ballard Elks.

Scroll to the bottom for Surf Class /Camp Requirements

Required Class Items

  • EYEGLASSES STRAP: For sunglasses and prescription glasses. Keep your glasses! Required for prescription glasses. We are not responsible for any lost glasses, keys, etc.
  • MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS you need on-water such as inhalers and EpiPens. We’ll put in a waterproof bag.
  • WHAT TO WEAR UNDER A WETSUIT: If warmer, most paddlers are bare or have minimal clothing under their suit. If conditions are colder a thin non-cotton top or rash guard or a thin polypro or capeline top; Bottom: Shorts or bathing suit. Some prefer to go buck for more flexibility.
  • PAYMENT: If not already paid, payment is required 48hrs prior to class. We also accept CC cards, Cash or Check with prior approval. Make sure you’ve filled out your Student Info Form 48hrs before class.

Have Your Own Paddling Gear?

Options that work for SUP:

  • Neoprene shorties (in summer)
  • Farmer john/jane
  • Surfing wetsuits 2mm to 5mm
  • Drysuits & paddling jackets. Try your suit on before coming to class if you haven’t worn it in awhile
  • Kayaking PFDs also work for SUP
  • Outdoor clothing such as rain coats/pants, ski hat also work
  • Boards should be stable for class and 10-14’ x 32”
  • Bring your leash and PFD or we can supply

Call us if you have any questions.

Optional Items

  • *Final paddling clothing decisions will me made once we see the water in-person.
  • Beach Towel – to help with changing, and to dry off after.
  • Swimsuit and/or rash guard top to wear under wetsuit. If needed, we only wear rash guards as a top, not as a bottom under a wetsuit.
  • Summer – Depending on class, T-shirts (cotton ok) and shorts ok (flat water tours, etc).
  • Winter/Fall: Capiline, SmartWool, or Polypro Top to wear under wetsuit. No cotton for off season or surfing, DP, etc.!
  • Visor or Brimmed Hat for sun protection.
  • Hydration – either a plastic/metal water bottle. Ideally with carabiner attached.
  • Sunblock; UV lip balm
  • Spring/Winter/Fall: Warm clothes and warm hat to wear after. Consider thermos of hot drink for after class.
  • Spring/Winter/Fall: Foam pad or extra towel (or similar) to stand on while changing.
  • Energy bar or similar – for snack for longer classes.
  • Waterproof camera with strap or GoPro with floater. You can attach these to your PFD. We have GoPro mounts on some boards.
  • Place to put your car keys – We don’t bring keys on the water.
  • What to Bring On the Water – Don’t bring anything you don’t need. We keep keys, wallet/purse, non waterproofed camera etc on shore. Instead bring hydration, a snack bar, wide brimmed hat, sun or prescription glasses with strap, sun block, etc.

IMPORTANT: If you have a medical condition that could lead to an emergency that requires medication, such as allergic reactions that require an EpiPen or a heart condition that may require medication, you are responsible for bringing any medications to class and informing the instructor.

What Not to Wear

We don’t recommend wearing jeans, pants, skirts, tennis shoes or anything cotton or baggy.*Cotton shirts do work on hot sunny non-surf days.

** Summer clothing varies per day. We’ll determine what we’ll wear per each day’s weather condition.

Surf Class Gear Requirements

  • Full 4-3mm or 5-4mm wetsuit. 
  • Add synthetic thin top layer such as SmartWool or a rashguard under for extra warmth. 
  • Neoprene hood or hooded vest. 
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Surf booties (I use NRS Freestyle)
  • Straight leash to the length of your board. Coiled leashes ok for Race/DW boards.
  • No PFD needed for coastal surf. 
  • Hydration and energy bar.
  • Sunblock and/or UV lip baum
  • Wide brimmed hat or baseball hat for warmer sunny days. 
  • Some of my boards can hold a GoPro. 

(All above gear available with rental price option)


Your Safety and Enjoyment is our Priority


“I've gone SUP on my own a few times but felt I might be lacking in some basics. I got a lesson from Rob and it exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Not only does he give all the strokes you may need in various situations, I also learned about equipment, safety, tides and currents, how to transport and hold my board. Little things that made a huge difference because I'm prepared in every area. Now I can just concentrate on having fun when I hit the water."

- Sean F

"I learned not only how to improve my paddling skills but also how to read the water better, how to train more efficiently and most importantly not to forget to look up and enjoy being on the water.

If you are in the market for a lesson I would highly recommend Rob."

- Troy Nebecker, Bellevue

"Rob’s personalized instruction greatly improved my skills and gave me the confidence to become fully immersed in stand up paddling.

There are plenty of SUP classes out there, most with very large groups and not a lot of one-on-one time. Rob’s classes are small and customized to suit your specific needs and perfect for those who really want to learn the ins and outs of the Pacific NW’s perfect sport."

- Paul Edmonson, Seattle

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