SUP Surfing Basics

Learning SUP surfing is much easier and more fun with a patient expert instructor. Gain the essential skills to become a confident and safe paddle surfer in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll start you out on small easy waves at one of two scenic coastal locations. You will ride waves your first day. At the end of this class you’ll be able to choose the right gear, launch, paddle out, surf waves, turn, fall safely and be a good SUP ambassador in the surf zone. Available all year. 

Already experienced? We’ll find larger waves or more advanced breaks and work with you to push to your next level. I can also help experienced paddlers train for coastal SUP races and trips on 12′-6, 14′ and UL boards

Check out my SUP Surf Camp on September 27-29 at Hobuck Beach on the NW Washington Coast!

Core Skills You’ll Gain

  • How to catch waves (timing, where to line up, choosing the best wave, etc.. )
  • How to vary your paddling cadence for quicker acceleration
  • Footwork. Learn where to stand and when to walk your board for better control
  • Paddling out through incoming waves successfully
  • Several options fo directional control in surf
  • How to turn around easily without falling off after a ride
  • Stability skills in the surf zone so you stay up and catch more waves
  • How to fall and re-mount the board quickly so you stay safe
  • Skills for turning in waves so you catch rides easier
  • Wave and weather forecasting basics and tips for NW breaks
  • Where to surf for your skill level
  • Surfer’s etiquette and water safety
  • How to choose gear and clothing
  • How and when to surf race and downwind boards to prep for ocean racing or coastal touring
  • How to not paddle too hard to catch a wave – Using finesse paddling to save your shoulders.

Skill Prerequisites: Advanced Beginner

OR completion of our SUP Basics Level 1 or Level 2 classes. You must know how to swim, be in good physical shape to surf and be able to handle paddling in bumps and small waves.You are relaxed standing on a board, know how to paddle straight, have directional control, and can fall off and get back on your board. 

“Rob’s knowledge of surfing, safety, and his overall SUP skills helped me advance through coaching and immediate feedback boosting my confidence and ability level. I’m hooked on SUPing! I would have locked in poor habits and likely injured my back or shoulders had I not taken a lesson in my first season of regularly paddling. Rob has years of experience and gladly passes on what he has learned for the safety and fun of all SUP enthusiasts who meet him.”

- Brittany F

Class Details:

Private classes only – Contact me to discuss possible dates that work for you.

We won’t know the swell direction, size and weather conditions until a few days before any date. Weekdays welcome! 

Duration: 1/2 day (4 hours). 

Lesson Size: 1 – 3 people. Classes are kept small for safety in the surf zone.

Locations: Washington Coast or Strait of Juan de Fuca depending on conditions.

Can’t Get out of Seattle?  Take my Freighter Wave Surfing Class. These waves can be quite good and as consistent in season as ocean waves.   


Private Classes Only

3 people: 225 per person with gear / 199 with your own gear.

2 Person Rate: 275 per person with our gear / 225 with your own gear.

Private (1-1): 399 with our gear / 373 with your gear.  

Rental Gear Includes: Stable board, paddle, straight leash, 4/3mm or 5/4mm wetsuit, booties. gloves, hood, optional helmet.

Alumni Discount: $25 off per person

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“I took the SUP Surfing class which not only got me surfing (which is the most fun ever!), but it gave me a new set of skills that keeps developing every time I get back in the water.”

- Kaleo Quenzer

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