SUP Basics Level 2

Read to go to the next level? Then this lesson if for you. I’ll make your faster and more stable and show you how to get there easier with finesse to reduce injury and have more fun. Refine your turns while you learn new ones to turn the board on a dime with little effort. I’ll also cover the flip rescue, pull-up rescue, towing and pushing methods to get fatigued or injured paddlers back to shore.

Core Skills You’ll Gain
(Lessons will be customized to your needs)

  • Stroke Analysis – Refine your forward stroke
  • Buoy turns, crossbow, pivot turn, draw strokes
  • Footwork – Learn or refine your skills for walking on the board
  • Rescues – Flip rescue, pull-up and push rescues and towing
  • Gear safety – In depth discussion into off shore paddling concepts and gear
  • Racing class focus skills upon request
  • How to read water to get there easier with finesse. Paddle smarter not harder
  • Rough water skills – Waves, balance, down winding, current, wind, reverb, race starts
  • Touring gear, pre-trip prep and strategies

Skill Prerequisites: Level 1 Advanced Beginner

You are relaxed standing on a board, know how to paddle straight, have directional control, and can fall off and get back on your board. You may also know how to walk on your board, know a cross bow and experience paddling with boat wakes or wind waves without getting on your knees.

“I had a bit of time in Seattle and signed up for the 1 1/2 hour “SUP sampler” having never been before. I was able to set my own time with Rob, the owner. In short, Rob is an excellent teacher. He was extraordinarily thorough and responsible about going over all the basics about skills and safety before we ever got out on the water.”

- Leah P

Class Details:

Schedule: Private lessons only.  Contact me to set up a lesson that fits your schedule!

Cost includes use of all gear: Stable board, paddle, leash, vest PFD, wetsuit and booties, hood.


Group Lesson: 199 per person. (2-4 people). Cost includes free use of all equipment / 179 with your own gear.

1 person (1-1) Lesson: 299 per person. Cost includes free use of all equipment / 279 with your own gear.

After Lesson Benefits: Receive a summary of strokes covered and tips of skills to work on. Optional video or stills of your experience. Help with purchasing gear.

Alumni Discount: $25 off for returning students.

Sign Me Up!

I conquered several fears paddling in currents and surfing waves and owe it to Rob, where safety and professional instructions are Salmon Bay Paddle’s top priorities!

- Margrit Ralph

“I wanted to pull two visiting teenage girls out of their comfort zone of shopping, make-up and Netflix. Having personally taken lessons with Rob a couple years ago, I contacted him to see if we could arrange something. Instructor Joe McColskey, a former high school teacher and personal trainer was up to the challenge. The girls really enjoyed their SUP Basics session. We only signed up for the 1.5 hour course, but I think they easily could have done a bit more.”

- Lynn P

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