For years I’ve used a towel around my waist while taking on or off wetsuits in parking lots with cars whizzing past. I’ve got the procedure down to a science using a foam pad to stand on in winter and can take on or off a wetsuit in less than a few minutes.

A few weeks ago at the Deception Pass Dash, a large multi craft race held in December, I spotted surf skier Don Kiesling wearing a fleece robe.  I was reminded about using such robes or over shirts for changing in colder temps. You can also wear the robe over your wet/drysuit before or after paddling to stay warm.  Here’s a product Don recommended: The Fuzzy Fleece

Phone:    541-490-7455

And another sold by a friend who owns Stoke Harvester, an online surf shop.. Cloak of Stoke

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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