Ever struggle with how to carry a one piece paddle in your car? Being tall, my Werner Nitro is 86″ long and can be in the way if I place it between the front seats or on the side of either one. I can’t always attach it to the rack if I have a full load of boards and/or kayaks. If I can attach it to the rack, there’s the security issue.

Over the summer I figured a way to attach the paddle to the ‘oh shit bar’ with bungy or long velcro strips so the paddle is flush against the ceiling of the car and out of the way. If secured well, the paddle doesn’t slide or rattle while driving.

1/1/17 Update: I now string a car rack strap tight between the two ‘oh shit bars’. Stuffing the paddle handle over the strap allows me to place it anywhere on the ceiling, (left to right).  

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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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