Bremerton Tidal Challenge Race

Bremerton’s Port Washington Narrows runs fast with tidal current in excess of 4 knots.

Join us for the first annual Bremerton Tidal Challenge Race DATE TBA.  Open to all human powered paddling and rowing craft.

The 6 mile course starts from Lyons Park just after the beginning of the ebb (outgoing tide) and shoot down the Narrows under two bridges using the swift current.

Open to all human powered paddling craft.  

At the end of the Narrows and across from the waterfront Boat Shed Restaurant, in the Manette neighborhood you’ll turn back upstream and use eddies and/or your brute strength to return to Lyons Park.

Tip: Learning to ‘eddy hop’ or paddle up current using eddies will get you back to Lyons Park faster and easier.  Check out my Tidal Rapids class in Deception Pass to get bomber skills in tidal currents.

Skill Prerequisites: 

Intermediate to Advanced – You should be able to paddle 8 miles in 2 hours; Be comfortable paddling in rough water, current and can handle boat wakes (boat wakes in current can get bigger).  

Life Jackets (worn) and high visability required. Leashes required for SUPs, recommended for OC and HPKs.  Recommend carrying a tethered hand held VHF radio (channel 71).  

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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