Bremerton 2 Bridges Tidal Race - June 25, 2022

The Bremerton 2 Bridges Tidal Race takes advantage of the Port Washington Narrow’s fast 2.62 knot tidal current.

The 5.50 mile course starts from Lions Park just after the beginning of the flood current. Paddle down the Narrows using eddies under two bridges to Sinclair Inlet to beat the 2.62 knot flood!  Then paddle fast with the current back to the starting line.  Do the course twice for an extra prize!

June 25, 2022 – Part of Bremerton’s Bridge Blast event!


2021 RACE PHOTOS from Jasmine Speaks

The Course:

Right turn around the Point Herron Light #12 just outside the Narrows and paddle up the west side of the Narrows to Anderson Cove.  Left around the furthest out piling in front of the red roof beach house. Back down the Narrows (ideally on right side for eddy) to the white mooring buoy on the right just before the Warren Ave Bridge. Left around the buoy and return to Lions Park in front of the boat ramp (deepest section).

If you Do the Course Twice and Win – you’ll get extra prize!

2021’s Race was sponsored by the Boat Shed Restaurant in the Manette neighborhood along the course. 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Kitsap Environmental Council

DATE June 25. START for the start of the flood current.  Open to all human powered paddling and rowing craft who can self rescue and with experience some in current.


REGISTER HERE / Opens in April/May

Sign up now to save your spot!

Skills Tip: Learn to ‘eddy hop’ or paddle up current using eddies to get you back to Lions Park faster and easier.  A straight line isn’t the smartest route.  Check out my Tidal Rapids class in Deception Pass to get bomber skills in tidal currents.

Safety Pre-Race Check – Required to Race:

  • All racers will be sent a questionnaire to make sure you have adequate skills for this race.  
  • All personal equipment and water craft will be checked on shore prior to launching.  

Covid Restrictions..

  • Masks will be required to be worn in the parking lot and shore areas if not vaccinated.
  • Please follow our onsite guidelines to stay distanced on shore and when entering the water.
  • Do not attend if you’re feeling sick and/or have a temp. No refund permitted if so.

Who Should Attend

  • Open to all human powered paddling craft over 13′ – Row, SUP, kayak, surf ski, outrigger, prone, peddle.
  • Advanced Paddlers Only who are familiar paddling in tidal currents, wind and waves. Must know how to swim.
  • Must be able to finish course in 3 hours.
  • Seeking experienced Safety Boaters (power or paddle) to be stationed along the course. Must know how to use a VHF and can rescue in rough water.

Required Equipment and Clothing:

  • Life jackets required to be worn by all participants except prone. Rowers must wear a foam PFD. 
  • Leashes for SUPs and recommended on all craft.  
  • Tethered reliable communication device such as VHF radio on channel 69.
  • Hi-vis clothing colors for visibility.

Terms and Conditions

NOTE –  Regardless of Circumstances:

  • Refunds cannot be issued. You fee will be donated to the Kitsap Environmental Coalition
  • Tickets can be transferred between participants only if our registration receives the data prior to race.
  • Tickets cannot be deferred to next year
  • $500 no-refundable protest filing fee


The Course Details:

Blue arrows are tidal current.

Red are the course – staying out of the main channel to avoid boating traffic.

I recommend taking eddies (less or no current) along the shore from Lions Park all the way up to the Herron Point Light (piling)












Herron Point Light #12 (RIGHT TURN)





Anderson Cove Piling and Buoy Turns (Details Below)






Anderson Cove Left Turn around piling in front of house.





Mooring Buoy Left Turn then return to Lions Park boat ramp. Look for stairs coming down hill.



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