Bremerton 2 Bridges Tidal Paddle - Skills Tour

Bremerton 2 Bridges Tidal Paddle – Skills Tour

The Port Washington Narrows is a narrow passageway splitting Bremerton in half with epic views of the Olympic Mountains!  Four times each day, tidal current flows swiftly down the Narrows from either Dyes Inlet or Sinclair Inlet.

Unlike Deception Pass, Port Washington Narrows doesn’t have rapids and rarely gets rough from opposing wind.  So it makes it a great paddle for advanced beginners through advanced paddlers.

Whether new to currents or a pro, join us this summer for a fun paddle in the Narrows where you’ll learn how to paddle in tidal currents.  We’ll launch from Lions Park and paddle up ‘eddies’ to Sinclair Inlet and take the fast flowing current back down!

After the tour we’ll have lunch and a beverage at the waterfront Boat Shed Restaurant which is along our paddling route!

In 2023 I’m transitioning my races such as “Bremerton 2 Bridges Race” into a ‘Skills Tour.’  So using the same race course but without the hurried race pace. Just having fun riding the current!

The Route and How it Works:

The route distance is 5.50 miles starting from Lions Park just after the beginning of the flood current.

Paddle up the Narrows using eddies (protected from current) under two bridges to Sinclair Inlet to beat the flood tide!

Then paddle down current with the flood current back to our put-in  Open to sea kayaks, SUPs and surf skis who have a reliable self rescue.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to read water and spot eddies, current and wind
  • Find out how to use ‘eddies’ to paddle up tidal current areas or to use as rest areas
  • We’ll show you how to enter current from an eddy
  • Learn how to use ‘ferrying’ to cross current without losing your position
  • Find out how to paddle against current and wind if needed
  • We’ll discuss boating right-of-way. The Narrows has lots of boats in Summer.
  • The trip will give you skills for planning your own trips in the tidal currents of Puget Sound!

Who Should Go?

  • You are an advanced beginner thru advanced paddler
  • You either don’t have any or minimal experience in tidal current. Or you do have experience and are along for the ride!
  • Must have a reliable re-mount on your kayak, surf ski or SUP.
  • You’re comfortable paddling a few miles. In case we get opposing winds, you’ll need some endurance.
  • You have basics swim skills.

Gear Requirements:

  • Must wear a PFD (life jacket)
  • SUPs and surf skis must wear a leash
  • Dress for air and water temp depending on conditions
  • We recommend bringing along hydration and energy snacks and sun protection
  • Dress in hi-vis colors so boaters can see you
  • A reliable tethered communication device, phone and/or VHF radio.
  • We’ll do a gear check on shore before launching to make sure everyone is equipped properly
  • We offer free rentals with our tours and classes. Fill in your gear needs upon registration.

FREE with Class Completion:

  • Summary of skills learned plus tips on how tidal current works in the Sound
  • 10% Alumni discount on future classes
  • Access to 24-video SUP 101 Online Course ($199 Value) or similar for kayakers
  • Salmon Bay Paddle decal
  • 20% off my NW paddle guide, “Kayaking Puget Sound and the San Juans, 60 Trips” by Mountaineers Books
  • Access to Alumni Facebook Group

Skills Tour Details:

  • Duration: (1) 3-hour session
  • Schedule: Private classes only until Spring. Public and private groups Spring-Fall.
  • Class Size: 1 – 6 people
  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:1; 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 2:6
  • Availability: Year round
  • Covid: Instructors are fully vaccinated


$225 each for 3-6 people | $279 each for 2 people | $429 for 1 person

Rental gear is free.

Questions? Contact me

The Route:

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