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SUP 101 Online Course

SUP 101 Online Course

My new SUP 101 online course has launched!

The course is not only good for beginners but experienced paddlers / instructors seeking to expand knowledge and help develop your curriculum for teaching.

Content includes an overview of all equipment and clothing, ding repair, directional control, standing up methods, falling / remount, towing and rescues, forward stroke and paddling straight, sitting / kneel / prone, where to and not launch or land, risk management and several gear check-list downloads and a paddling apps resource page.

What you Get: 24 videos, 6 essential downloads such as gear check-lists and a Resources page on paddler’s weather , navigation and safety apps.

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About Rob Casey

SUP has changed my life, so I love to share my knowledge and skills and transform lives. Students have lost weight, increased their self-esteem, and have paddled in places and conditions they’d never imagined they’d be capable of.

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