Every week when SUP comes up in a conversation, I hear a list of all the reasons why folks haven’t tried it yet. Here’s a few..

– I don’t have good balance.  My answer – most do have good enough balance but it’s not about your balance but rather making sure every person is matched with a board that’s appropiate for their hight and weight. It’s not uncommon for folks to see someone else struggling on their board. Their response is always the same, “I don’t have good balance, that’s not for me.”  In my business, I’ve only had one student who couldn’t stand up immediately. He’s 6-7 x 290lbs and I simply don’t have a board big enough for his size.

– I’m not in good enough shape to do SUP.  See my post on 8/14/13.

A few others:
– I don’t like to get wet.
– I’m afraid of sharks.
– Water based phobias (don’t like deep/shallow water, bad childhood experience, etc).
– Ego or Self esteem while being seen in public struggling to stand or looking overweight in a wetsuit.
– Water Temp: An issue for us in the NW, “I only surf in Hawaii” “It looks cold.”

When rental shops provide poor or no instruction and/or don’t match each customer with the best board for their size they may not stand up, will feel unstable and mostly likely will fall in. Some shops put beginners out in wind, into busy boating channels with no instruction on right of way, and don’t assist in carrying gear to the shore – boards are heavy!  As a result, many won’t try it again.  If others see those paddlers struggling their intuitions about poor balance etc will be re-enforced.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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