Ever get a blister on your finger when paddling? Follow these tips for avoiding blisters when paddleboarding.

Most likely it’s due to either holding the paddle too tight and/or with all your hand at once.

The key is to let go just enough that the paddle doesn’t fall out of your hands. You really don’t need to hold on that hard to be in full control, even when surfing, paddling rivers and racing.A looser grip also means reduced or no pain in your wrists, elbow and shoulders. Many who get shoulder issues are holding on too tight.

Letting go also means you’ll have more overall flexibility in turns and other core and full body movements on your board.

Watch this video for examples of how to have a loose grip on the paddle shaft and handle

Tight lower grip (see tension in wrist)



Loose grip, fingers only during power phase
Tight ‘death’ grip



Loose grip, thumb hooked below T-Grip/Handle


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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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