I carry anywhere from 1 to 8 boards on my Subaru Forester for my SUP classes and tours. A few are surprised by the loads I carry.  But before every trip I test my rack with a shake test to assure the rack itself is secure to the car, then I load and secure the boards.

Yesterday while loading only one board, the rack tower attachment pulled off the car roof rail. Luckily I was in my alley not yet on the road.  The attachments been on the car since 2006, so definitely time for replacement.  I replaced the remaining 3 towers (Yakima) for preventative maintenance. Here’s an image of the slipped part with a strap holding the rack bar to the car until I had time to replace it.

1/17 Update – We now only use Thule racks as the towers and most of the parts are metal vs plastic. No blow-outs in 2015-2016.
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Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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