Advanced SUP Skills

Looking to improve your rough water, downwinding, race techniques, buoy turns and speed? Then this is the class for you!

Core Skills (Class can be customized to your interests)

  • Get solid skills for paddling in reverb, side chop, wind waves and boat wakes
  • Learn how to use waves to your advantage so you can paddle faster and have more fun
  • Learn Winter paddling skills - What to bring, how to dress and how to stay off the 5pm news
  • How to surf your race or downwind board on freighter, tug, wind and/or coastal waves
  • Advanced bracing skills so you stay upright more in rough water conditions
  • Downwinding - Lets get you more waves safely. Schedule depends on wind forecast.
  • Learn Rescue techniques so you can save yourself and others
  • Who Should Attend?
    Prerequisites:  Advanced beginner (Level 2) OR Completion of our SUP Basics 2 or similar. This class can be also be taken at Deception Pass or in the surf zone to test your skills. You should be in good physical shape, can swim and be comfortable paddling in small to medium waves and wind.

    Duration: 3hrs (or custom period).

    Group Rate: 199 per person. Classes with 2 - 6 students.
    Private (1-1): 399
    *Cost includes free use of gear: Stable boards, paddle, leash, PFD, wetsuit, booties. gloves, hoods

    Repeat Classes / Alumni: $25 off per person.

    I have been SUP racing for 8 years. For several years I was on of the top 50 racers in the country winning many WPA Championships and regional races. I typically train on flat water and balance in open water has been an ongoing weakness for me. The problem increased as I have moved to more narrow race boards. This year, I hired Rob to help me improve my skills. It turned out being one of the best investments I've made in my paddling as my balance and confidence improved 50%. This improvement directly translates to better results in the races since I can now relax and put more energy into the stroke versus by balance. I would highly recommend Rob if you are thinking about moving your skills to the next level.

    John Schalka