Rob and his Coaches

Rob Casey - Founder / Lead Coach / Guidebook Author

Rob Casey - Founder / Lead Coach / Guidebook Author

A Passion for Paddling and Helping Others..

I started Salmon Bay Paddle in 2010 to provide personable individual and small group SUP instruction in the Pacific Northwest.

Being dyslexic and originally non-athletic, my learning curve for paddling was longer than usual but as a result I found innovative ways to work with students to achieve their goals.

I’ve transformed lives by empowering and giving confidence to many who didn’t think they’d stand or enjoy being on the water. I only hire coaches who love paddling and like myself, love to share their passion with others.

Paddling benefits are many, students have lost weight, increased their self-esteem, and have paddled in places and conditions they’d never imagined they’d be capable of.

Paddling has changed my life, so I love to share my knowledge and skills with students to help them become confident and skilled paddlers.

How I got started as a paddler..

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Rob’s Lead Coaches

Jac Howard

Jac Howard

A native of Australia, and an avid open water swimmer Jac learned SUP technique and navigation/currents training from Salmon Bay Paddle which have given her the ability to explore the epic PNW coastal environments of Washington, and she loves sharing this knowledge with others.

She paddles year round, races, loves a holiday costume paddle, and spends her days off exploring by SUP.  She also enjoys introducing people to SUP technique and safety, with an emphasis on fun. She especially loves introducing women to what’s possible on the water, and helping kids learn through play.

Jac holds a certification from Orca Swim School as an instructor.

Sam George

In addition to a long career in the surfing industry (pro competitor, writer, magazine editor, documentary filmmaker) Sam George is one of the pioneers of stand-up paddling. having traded his outrigger paddle for a stand up version back in 2004.

Former Senior Editor of SUP Magazine, Sam has raced, toured and surfed with a paddle in his hands in six of the Seven Seas.

He is the writer and director for the documentary “Hawaiian – The Legend of Eddie Aikau” for which he won an Emmy.  

Sam relocated to Whidbey Island in the fall of 2023 to start a new chapter of surfing and exploration in the Pacific Northwest.