There’s nothing worse than travelling to a holiday vacation spot to find out the only rental options are those heavy plastic or aluminum paddles with nearly straight angled blades.

Break down paddles are also a wise choice to carry with you on an expedition. You can tuck them under your deck tie-downs or stuff them in a backpack. Carrying two piece kayak paddles is also a good idea if you get tired of standing and/or need to sit for a long upwind paddle. I’ve interviewed several expedition paddlers who have broken paddles on trips. It does happen.

There’s several companies that make 2 piece break down SUP paddles, but few make a 3 piece paddle. Here’s a few (not all) options…

Naish’s Kaholo.

Werner’s Fuse, Carve, Advantage, and Nitro.

Imagine Surf’s Rapier Paddle.

Note: The above image is a size comparison showing the Werner Carve 3 pc, a 2 pc kayak paddle and a one pc Werner Nitro paddle.

Salmon Bay Paddle SUP Tips

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