I posted an inquiry on Facebook and Standupzone.com asking for bootie drying tips and received nearly 75 responses.

I was posting for my needs in trying to dry my 7mm Xcel Drylock booties – so thick you can’t peel the ankle section down and heat doesn’t affect the toe box from the exterior.

Here’s the summary of what most folks preferred:

Bootie Dryers: DryGuy and Peet Shoe Dryer. Both companies have ways of drying while in your car or in the field. Peet has a propane powered option as well.

The Stuffing Method: Stuff newspaper or camping towels in the toe and foot sections of the bootie.

Make your own dryer! Several friends have done this successfully using PVC tubes filled with air powered by small fans or hair dryers. Caution: hair dyers aren’t supposed to operate for long periods of time so make sure to run on low heat.

Bonus! How to keep a bootie clean of funky odor..
– Soak regularly in very hot water with one of various wetsuit cleaning products or household cleaners such as Simple Green.

– Stuff cedar sachets in your booties after drying.

Wanna keep your booties warm in cold climates prior to your session? Stuff chemical heat packets in the bootie. The packets last several hours. Kenny Wilson of Oregon suggests wrapping your wetsuit and booties around a 1 gallon jug of hot water whilst in your car prior to arriving. Use the hot water later to warm up and clean the saltwater off your gear.

Have other ideas or would like your product reviewed? Give me a holler. Cheers.

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