2 Islands Dash - 2022

2 Islands Dash 2022 Race Details

The 2 Islands Dash starts at Cornet Bay east of the Deception Pass bridge, rounds beautiful tree lined Hoypus Point, goes between Skagit and Kiket Island, around Hope Island, then take the swift ebb current past Ala Spit back to Cornet Bay.

Only for paddlers and rowers with proven open water experience in currents, wind and waves.

Date: April 2, 2022 – 11:30am Start.

2021 Race Video by Dan Maher – Watch paddlers in fast current at Ala Spit at (1:00)

The Course (7.4 miles):

  • Start after the start of the Ebb at the Cornet Bay boat ramp and race east around Holypus Point.
  • Thread between Skagit and Kiket Islands then towards Hope Island.
  • Goal is to get past the NE corner of Hope Island before the 2.4 knot ebb current holds you back.
  • Then clockwise around Hope Island and shoot the swift ebb current past Ala Point return to Cornet Bay.

Some proceeds donated to the Skagit Bay Search and Rescue who will be providing us with 2 boats to watch over racers.

Prizes and awards from Seattle Sports Company, Salmon Bay Paddle and KAVU 

Safety Pre-Race Check – Required to Race:

  • All racers will be sent a questionnaire to make sure you have adequate skills for this race.
  • All personal equipment and water craft will be checked on shore prior to launching.


  • Must have proven experience in tidal current, rough water, wind and waves. Must be an Advanced Paddler.
  • Kayaks 14′ min and SUP minimum 14′” due to distance.
  • Must know how to swim and 100% self-rescue. Not knowing how to remount put everyone at risk.
  • PFD / Life Jackets required to be worn for all racers except prone. Rowers must have a foam PFD.
  • Leashes required for all craft including rowers.
  • Must dress for immersion for air/water temps.
  • Hi-vis colors so we can see you.
  • Reliable tethered communication device. VHF and/or waterproofed and tethered phone.
  • If you’re unsure of your abilities for this race, you shouldn’t sign up. We offer year round race and open water training.

Race Fees TBA

REGISTER HERE – Opens in February



Photos and Videos from the 2021 Race:

Ava Larson – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I1ravP_x3wcMZcfiKVQcZIRGY0c4N25F

Dan Maher (Firefly Drives): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0dq55K8aVo

Terms and Conditions

NOTE –  Regardless of Circumstances:

  • Refunds cannot be issued
  • Tickets can be transferred between participants only if our registration receives the data prior to race.
  • Tickets cannot be deferred to next year


Located 1.5 hours north of Seattle (no ferry), Deception Pass is between Anacortes and Oak Harbor.  Cross DP Bridge and take first left to Cornet Bay. Ample parking.


2 Islands Dash Training Clinics for SUP, Kayak and Surf Ski..

Learn how the course works before you start the race. Find out there the best eddies are, when to take advantage of current, how to paddle over boils, eddy lines and whirlpools, how to surf waves or boat wakes and how to train for the race. Open to all craft.  LEARN MORE

Seeking Volunteers and Safety Boats

Safety Boat/Board Requirements:

  • We will have two Skagit Search and Rescue Boats and one Skagit Country Sheriff boat on site
  • You must have considerable experience paddling in Deception Pass currents
  • Carry and know how to use a VHF radio and tow system.
  • Have strong self and group rescue skills.
  • Hi-vis clothing and vest PFD.


















Sound Rowers


Ballard Elks Paddling Club – Summer Monday Night Fundraiser Series

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