Our SUP Races & Training

We run, co-host and offer race training for several Pacific Northwest paddling races including our Summer Monday evening races in Ballard which is sponsored by KAVU. We raised $4k from 2017 proceeds which were donated to the Ballard Elks Scholarship and Vocational Funds. In 2018 join us for our 5th annual St Paddles Day Race at Alderbook Resort and training for the 70/48 in June.

Race Details

" If you want to learn to SUP, Rob is exactly who you want to learn from. He is an expert, but more than that, he cares deeply for the sport and about people. He is concerned about safety and gives you very practical and useful information before going, and then in the water, he takes it one step at a time. You proceed to the next skill as ready. He is kind and patient and talks you through each step. As you are going, he teaches about the rules of the water, boating vs paddling right of ways, tides, currents, wind issues and how to spot any potential problems. On top of that, he gives great instruction on your paddle stroke so that you can go further without as much effort or pain later on." Carrie G