Rob demonstrating a pivot turn for balance practice on a 18' board

Rob demonstrating a pivot turn for balance practice on a 18′ board.

Stand Up Paddling Basics Level 2

Take your skills to the next level!  We’ll refine your forward stroke make it as effecient and injury free as possible. Learn an effective cross bow turn and a bombproof pivot turn for racing, surfing or balance practice. We can also plan the class around your goals.  

You’ll learn how to comfortably walk on your board and how to use footwork to your advantage for rough water, downwinding or surfing.

Learn how to fall safely

If conditions are right we’ll paddle in wind, waves and boat wakes and work on techniques for feeling comfortable and how to have fun in dynamic water.

We’ll discuss how to read the water and weather conditons so you make smart decisions on where and when you should paddle and/or plan trips effectively.

We can also work on self and group rescues such as the Flip Rescue, getting back on effectively by yourself, and towing other paddlers.

Interested in Racing?  We can cover race starts, on-water strategy, preparing for races as well as smart techniques for passing your competition. We host or co-host 3 races a year and host a weekly summer race June through August. Many of our instructors compete in races throughout the year.


Our summer race on Shilshole Bay

Looking for a board?  Learn on our quality gear from Imagine, Amundsen and Echo Composites. Try our 17′ and 18′ unlimited boards, 12-6 race boards and performance inflatables from Imagine. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your budget, interests and skill level.  We have Accent and Werner paddles to demo.


Possible Topics to Learn:

– Refine your Forward Stroke. Paddle straight and injury free.

– Footwork – Learn to walk your board.

– The Pivot Turn – Learn methods for 100% success.

– Cross Bow Turn  – Make turning easy.

Freighter wave surfing on Shilshole Bay

Freighter wave surfing fun on Shilshole Bay

– Techniques for Paddling upwind and downwind.

– How to paddle over and surf boat wakes

– Paddling in Current – Ferry angles and use of eddies.

– How to Paddle Solo – What to carry & making smart decisions. Are groups safer?

– Rescue Techniques for Paddlers

Learn SUP race technique

– Using Displacement Boards – Try our 17′ & 18′ SUPs!

– Smart Paddling Techniques & having a plan

– Racing Skills – Starts, strategy, prep & best gear.

– Introduction to Downwinding if conditions allow.

– Weather Forecasting and learning to read water.


Video Playback will be used to improve your skills.

Every Student Gets a Class Summary – Rob will send you a summary of the class including strokes covered and tips on improving your paddling. He will stay in touch with you after class to assist with finding affordable paddling equipment, tips on where to paddle in the NW and how to improve your skills.

Who is this class for?  Individuals or groups looking to gain a solid foundation of safe and efficient paddling techniques. This is also a great class for experienced paddlers seeking to refine or refresh skills. You will finish with confidence and a solid understanding of basic and intermediate stand up paddling.

Class Size: 1 – 6 People  Location: Shilshole Bay, Seattle

Instructor to Student Ratio – 2:6

Practicing the pivot turn

Practicing the pivot turn



All gear is included in cost: Board, paddle, PFD (life vest), leash, wetsuit, booties, gloves.

Group Rate: $135 per person. Classes with 3 – 6 students.

Individual Rate (1-1): $195. Allows for most personalized coaching.

Repeat Classes:  $25 off per person


Need More Time? Add $75 for each additional hours (per person).

Note: This class can be taught at a location of your choice for the same cost in Seattle. Add additional travel fee for classes outside of Seattle and/or ferry fees.

PSUPA SUP Instructor Certificaition course, 7/27/13 Bellingam, WA

Flip Rescue

Available year around.  Last minute classes ok.


Contact us for a time that fits with your schedule.

QUESTIONS OR SIGN UP: / Tel 206.465.7167