Stand Up Paddle Board Classes

How We Work – We are a Mobile business with no shop and open all year. We specialize in individualized small group lessons taught by patient expert instructors so you have a great experience. 

Beginning classes such as the SUP Sampler and SUP Basics Level 1 – 3 are all Private so you or your group receive the most personable instruction. Call us to set a lesson to your schedule.  

Surf / Tidal Rapids / Overnight Trips – Our Freighter and tug wave, tidal rapid, surf and surf camps are held as public or private classes. These classes occur at specific schedules per the weather, boat schedules, tide and tidal current levels.  If you haven’t paddled recently or haven’t taken one of our basic classes such as SUP Basics or the SUP Sampler we may require a refresher class to make sure your skills are appropriate for these more advanced options.

Recommended Learning Progression – Start with our 90 minute SUP Sampler or 2.5 hour SUP Basics L1 or L2 classes then progress to more advanced classes such as surfing, tidal rapids and/or tug and freighter surfing. (See level ratings below). It’s common for students to take each beginner class a few times until they’re ready to move on. Check Alumni discounts for each class and tour.  

How to Sign Up – Click on a menu item below to find out more about the classes we offer.  Contact us to discuss your interests and how we can best assist you. We prefer to chat with you before signing up.  See our Student Skill Level Chart below to determine the best class for you.   

SUP SAMPLER – 1.5 HOURS Try out SUP!  Learn the basics in 90 minutes.

STAND UP PADDLING BASICS Level 1 – 2.5 HOURS – 2x times more water time than the SUP Sampler. Learn the basics from standing up, 3 turns, paddling straight, falling safely, pivot turns and learning to paddle in boat wakes and light wind.  Essential skills for any paddler.

STAND UP PADDLING BASICS Level 2 – 2.5 HOURS – You’ll learn or refine intermediate skills such as the pivot and cross bow turns, an efficient forward stroke, footwork, paddling in wind and waves, learning to make smart planning decisions on-water and racing basics.

FREIGHTER WAVE SURFING CLASS – Learn to SUP surf in Seattle on waist to chest high waves from ships!  Beginners learn on easy small waves.  Experienced surfers. shorten commute to waves!  Spring to Fall only.

TUG WAVE SURFING CLASS – Catch epic waves from tugs with possible half mile rides on Puget Sound.

TIDAL RAPIDS AT DECEPTION PASS – Learn to paddle in river like current in an amazing location.  A great confidence builder and cross training for downwindng, surf and paddle trips on Puget Sound.

SUP SURFING CLASS – Learn to paddle surf on the beautiful Washington coast. Catch your first waves or refine your skills. Beginners start on small waves easy waves learning timing, paddling out, catching waves and surfing etiquette.

SURF CAMPS – Learn SUP surfing in 2 fun days on the Washington coast!  For advanced beginners to experienced SUP surfers wanting to learn the basics or improve your skills. Learn timing, control, paddling out, catching waves and much more. Next camp – July 9-10.

SUP TOURING BASICS ON PUGET SOUND – Learn how to outfit your board, pack, plan and paddle an overnight trip on Puget Sound while camping on an island along the Cascadia Marine Trail.  August 12 – 14.


Questions or Sign-Up: / Tel 206.465.7167


Salmon Bay Paddle Student Skill Level Chart: 

Beginner – No experience on a board or limited skills. You aren’t comfortable on bumps, have only paddled a few times and/or haven’t fallen off a board yet. Take our SUP Sampler, SUP Basics or Fundamentals Skills.

Level 1 – Advanced Beginner:  You can stand with ease, paddle straight, can turn with ease, and can fall off and get back on your board. Some experience with bumps such as boat wakes or wind waves.

Level 2 – Intermediate: Solid flat water paddling skills: ability to turn and stop with ease in flat or bumpy water. Ability to walk on board, do pivot turns. Rough water experience – ability to manage small boat wakes, wind waves to 3′ and/or navigate gentle current to 4 kts and/or a class 2-3 river. Comfortable with wind to 20kts and surf to 5′. Able to self or group rescue in rough water.

Level 3 – Advanced: At least 2 years of paddling experience in open water, river and/or surf. Comfortable with large wind waves to 4′, surf  to 6′ and/or fast moving current and winds to 30+kts. Able to self or group rescue in rough water.