SUP Racing Class


Urban Surf Race, 2016

Seattle has a strong racing community with several weekly races during the week in summer plus larger races on weekends thought the year.  Many of our instructors compete in most of the races including the Round the Rock.  Their expertise, experience and passion will benefit help you complete your goals and improve your performance whether you own a surf style or unlimited length board.

We offer a weekly summer race on Monday nights at the Ballard Elks beach. Participants will be required to attend local races to improve skills.

What You’ll Learn – 

  • Strategy – Racing isn’t all about power and speed, learn to read the water and plan your race for success.
  • Buoy Turns – Perfect your pivot and cross bow and learn how to plan your turns.
  • Training – Our expert instructors train daily throughout the year. Learn their tips and secrets.


    Salmon Bay Paddle race team members

  • Equipment – Learn which boards, paddles and training gear most benefits successful racers.
  • Cross Training – Racing isn’t all on flat calm water. Learn how to work with boat and wind waves and even try different water craft to benefit your performance.
  • Starts – You can win a race with a fast start. Learn how to do a water, shore and running start and stay stable in the whitewash.
  • Misc – Nutrion, hydration, stroke rate devices.

Tip: If you want to race in the Round the Rock this year, you need to be racing as much as possible. We’ll work with you to build your stamina and overall knowledge of racing prior to the RTR.

Instructors: Alex Vaughan, Joe McColskey, Sean Norquist, Jeff Gassen, Luke Burritt, Rob Casey.



Group: 2 – 6 people: $95 per person.

Individual (1-1): $145  Most personalized coaching.

Alumni / Repeat Classes: $10 off per person

All gear included in pricing   Larger Groups ok 

Available all year.

Starting Line, May 12, 2014

Ballard Race Starting Line, May 12, 2014


Call us to schedule a lesson that fits your scheduleLast minute bookings welcome. 

QUESTIONS?  OR TO SIGN UP: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com / Tel 206.465.7167

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