Sea Kayaking 101

Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the 170 islands on Puget Sound and numerous lakes and rivers. With this class you’ll learn about the best equipment for your interests, physical level and budget. We’ll cover clothing, car racks and how to carry a kayak. You’ll learn how capsize and re-enter safely as well as two person rescues. Learn smart methods of turning your boat, bracing for stability, and how to paddle efficiently. We’ll cover how to paddle over boat wakes and if available how to negotiate light wind and tidal current.

Our small personable classes will give you the essential skills to paddle and rent on your own on flat water conditions.


  • Kayaking equipment and clothing for PNW paddling
  • How to lift and carry a kayak plus alternatives to hand carrying
  • How to place a kayak on your car and secure it to your rack
  • Kayak cockpit and deck outfitting. Customize your kayak.
  • Choosing the right location for your skill level
  • Marine weather forecast basics
  • How to enter and get out of your kayak from the shore and docks

    Point Robinson Lighthouse, Vashon Island

  • How to capsize, wet exit and re-enter safely
  • Sweep turns, reverse and how to paddle sideways
  • Bracing for stability
  • An efficient forward stroke.
  • How to paddle over boat wakes and paddle in wind.
  • Boating right-of-way and water safety

Ready for the next level?  Take our Sea Kayaking 102 class to review and refine techniques learned in Sea Kayaking 101 plus gain new skills such as bow rudders, bombproof bracing, boat wake surfing and many other essential skills. Are you an intermediate paddler already? Tell us what you want to learn and we’ll customize the class to your interests.


Schedule: 2017 Schedule up soon. Call us for custom dates prior

Packing on Blake Island

Location: Aqua Verde, Portage Bay, Seattle.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Instructor to Student Ratio – 1:4



Class Size: 4 people 

Rate: $135 per person Includes free use of all paddling equipment – Boat, paddle, lifejacket, booties and wetsuit.

One on One Private Classes: $169


QUESTIONS OR SIGN UP: / Tel 206.465.7167



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