KIDS Paddle Boarding!

Learning the pivot turn.

Learning the pivot turn.

Our patient expert instructors will teach you child water safety and the basics of stand up paddling on beautiful Shilshole Bay. Our patient expert instructors will cover the basics of paddling while having loads of fun. See bald eagles, friendly harbor seals, blue herons, and abundant sea life below our feet with views of the Olympic Mountains.

We have a great instructor to student ratio to ensure your child will be safe while getting the most attention possible to learn new skills. All kids will wear a vest PFD, leash and wetsuit if temps are cooler. We also wear booties to protect our feet from rocky Puget Sound beaches.

We work with kids 8 – 18 years of age.

Foundation Skills:  (Varies per age group)

  • Best equipment to useFreshwater Bay Boat Ramp, Port Angeles, WA USA
  • How to size a paddle
  • Board anatomy
  • Water safety – Proper use of lifejackets and leashes.
  • Boating right of way
  • Paddling in boat wakes and wind waves
  • How to stand with confidence
  • How to fall safety and climb back on
  • Bracing for stability
  • How to plan for a paddle
  • How to paddle straight

    Fun Tandem Paddling on Shilshole Bay

    Fun Tandem Paddling on Shilshole Bay

  • Carrying boards
  • Turns – Sweeps, Crossbow and pivot/buoy turns

Now the Fun Stuff!  (Varies per age group)

  • How to spin a board 360 degrees from both ends!
  • How to paddle tandem – 2 kids on a board at once!
  • How to paddle without a fin, paddle backwards and sideways
  • Prone paddling – Surfer style with hands – no paddle!
  • Walking on a board – Great skills for surfing.
  • Learn to race! We have a big race community in Seattle
  • Learn to Surf if small waves are available from passing boats
  • How to paddle in wind. We Love wind – it provides free rides20160124_152306[5]
  • Enjoy our rich marine life on Shilshole Bay – Harbor seals visit us daily!
  • Games – Races, relays, balance fun…


Schedule: Contact us for a time that fits your schedule!

Location: Shilshole Bay, Seattle.

Instructor to Student Ratio – 1-1 / 2:4 / 3:6



Group: 2 – 6 kids: $95 per person.

Individual (1-1): $145  Most personalized coaching.

Alumni / Repeat Classes: $10 off per person

Candle fish and moon jellies

Candle fish and moon jellies

All gear included in pricing  

Available all year.


Call us to schedule a lesson that fits your scheduleLast minute bookings welcome. 

QUESTIONS?  OR TO SIGN UP: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com / Tel 206.465.7167

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