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Use our inquiry form to inquire about classes, tours, or private lessons, or submit any questions you may have.


  1. Pick a class or tour. See our student skill level chart below to determine if the class/tour is appropriate for your level.
  2. Contact us to discuss a time for a class or tour that fits your schedule.  Please use inquiry form to reach us.
  3. Pay to secure your reservation! Make a payment online or by check. Click here to go to our online Payment page. Note: This Paypal is just a card processor – it does’t require you to have a PayPal account.  We also accept credit cards over the phone.  Please list your class title and date on the PayPal form.
  4. Fill out our Student Information Form and submit to Instructor PRIOR to class to ensure you have the right size board, wetsuit and/or other gear for your class. Click here for online form. 
  5. Visit our What to Bring to Class and our Directions to Launch Locations pages to help prepare for your class. Contact us for any questions – 206.465.7167 or
  6. Sign a Liability Form/Waiver at Class Location.
Full payment required prior to for 1.5hr and 2.5hr classes and tours, including PSUPA certification
50% payment required before full day or multi day classes/tours 15+ days prior to class/tour date.
Cash/Checks ok – If you can only pay cash or check let us know beforehand. We can take installments if you can’t pay in full.
– Weather cancellations by instructor are a 100% refund or we can reschedule your class or tour.
– Last minute cancellations by customer less than 48hrs of class date will not receive a refund since we will most likely not be able fill that space.
– Customer cancellations more than 48hrs of class/tour date will receive 50% return.
– If you don’t show up for a class or tour without any notification, you won’t be allowed to work with us again.
– We will cancel any trips when there are safety concerns such as wind. We don’t cancel for rain.
– Recheduling or moving to an alternative location may occur at the discretion of the trip leader.

Looking for a custom experience?  Contact us to help you put together a water experience that’s right for you, considering your goals and skill level.  And we’ll help determine the most enjoyable paddling location in your area.  We also offer custom classes, clinics and tours outside of the Seattle area, which require additional fees.

Gift Certificates Available. Contact us for information.

Rentals – We only rent to our Alumni who have taken at least a 1.5 or 2.5 hour classes. See our Resources page for reliable local rental locations.



Salmon Bay Paddle Student Skill Level Chart: 

Beginner – No experience on a board or limited skills. You aren’t comfortable on bumps, have only paddled a few times and/or haven’t fallen off a board yet. Take our SUP SamplerSUP Basics or Fundamentals Skills.

Level 1 – Advanced Beginner:  You can stand with ease, paddle straight, can turn with ease, and can fall off and get back on your board. Some experience with bumps such as boat wakes or wind waves.

Level 2 – Intermediate: Solid flat water paddling skills: ability to turn and stop with ease in flat or bumpy water. Ability to walk on board, do pivot turns. Rough water experience – ability to manage small boat wakes, wind waves to 3′ and/or navigate gentle current to 4 kts and/or a class 2-3 river. Comfortable with wind to 20kts and surf to 5′. Able to self or group rescue in rough water.

Level 3 – Advanced: At least 2 years of paddling experience in open water, river and/or surf. Comfortable with large wind waves to 4′, surf  to 6′ and/or fast moving current and winds to 30+kts. Able to self or group rescue in rough water.

Additional Contact Information:

Call: 206.465.7167