Learn the basics of river paddling in saltwater tidal currents which will prepare you for open water exploring on Puget Sound. You'll learn river paddling techniques, rough water skills and coastal paddling methods in an amazing place! This class is ideal cross training for down winding, surfing, racing, learning rough water skills and building overall confidence for everyday paddling. You'll paddle with harbor seals, see bald eagles and enjoy majestic views of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula. At the end of class you'll much more confidence and new skills which will take your paddling to the next level. This is a super fun class for Level 1 and above paddlers!

Watch this class on King 5 TV's Evening Magazine, 5/2016.

Things You'll Learn

  • Marine weather forecasting, tides, and currents
  • Essential strokes for paddling in river and tidal currents
  • Rescues and water safety in moving water
  • Risk management for paddlers and making smart decisions
  • Which gear is best for tidal rapids and river paddling
  • How to surf standing waves if available
  • Trip planning on Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands


    Who Should Attend?
    Prerequisites:  Advanced beginner (Level 1) OR Completion of our SUP Basics or SUP Sampler classes. You should be in good physical shape and be comfortable paddling in small waves and wind.

    Duration: Half day. We'll take regular breaks at your pace.

    Group Rate: $190 per person. Classes with 3 - 6 students.
    Private (1-1): $413 per person.
    Repeat Classes / Alumni: $25 off per person.

    Cost includes free use of gear: Stable boards, paddle, leash, PFD, wetsuit, booties. gloves, hoods and helmets.

    Bringing Your Own Gear? You'll need a super stable board to have a fun day in the rapids. Narrow race boards will be tippy and difficult to manage. We require a PFD, leash, helmet and wet or drysuit. Booties recommended for rocking on rocky beaches.

    2017 DATES

    March — 11

    April — 22

    May — 20, 21

    June — 17, 18

    July — 1, 2, 15, 16

    August — 19, 20, 26, 27

    September — 2, 3

    Custom scheduled dates available weekdays or weekends.

    1 or 2 Private Day Tidal Rapid Classes Available